Benefits of Ground Cinnamon

Cinnamon is a spice obtained from the bark of a tree named Cinnamonum. It is majorly used as spice and flavour and it is also used as beverages in Bangladesh, India,and Pakistan. It is native to Sri Lanka, a country in the South Asia continent.

According to the FAOSTAT of the United Nation, the global production of cinnamon in 2014 was 213,678 tonnes with Indonesia producing 91,400 (43%) tonnes, China 71,146(33) tonne, Vietnam 31,674 (15%) tonne and Sri Lanka 16,766 (8%) tonne.

Cinnamon contains antibacterial, anti fungal and antioxidant properties which are useful in enhancing the skin and the health of people who use it.

Benefits of ground Cinnamon to the skin

Following are the step in the of how cinnamon is beneficial to the skin

1. Acne and Blackhead will be removed completely- have already explainedthe fast natural ways to treat acne but totally forget about cinnamon. Cinnamon contains anti bacterial, anti inflammatory and anti oxidant which kills acne completely and also remove the scar leaving you with a fresh face. Cinnamon can be used to remove acne by mixing lemon juice with powdered cinnamon. The liquid is then added to the face and allowed to dry. Wash the face with cold water. This method can be used once in a week and it is proven to remove the dark spot as well.
2. Eczema Treatment – Cinnamon is also effective in the treatment of eczema, though it does not work for all types of skin. It should be tested on a small test area and wash off immediately if the skins become irritant. Mix one tablespoon of cinnamon with one tablespoon of honey, apply the paste on the surface of the affected area. Leave it for few minutes and wash it off with cold water. The method is suitable for adult and should not be tried on children.
3.    Exfoliate skin- the pore of our skin are closed several time with dead skin cells, bacteria, hormones and oil from the skin due to which skin disease like rash or acne or eczema comes in. Cinnamon is effective by opening up the pores. And cinnamon with honey and stir until it becomes a paste. Add the paste to the skin. Scrub your face gently and rinse off with cool water.
4.    Help in getting rid of cellulite- cellulite affects about 80% of women; it is an unpleasing sight whether it is the thigh or leg. The anti oxidant properties of cinnamon help in getting rid of cellulite from your body. Mix cinnamon essential oil with coconut oil thoroughly and massage the oil with the affected part.
5.    Remove scar from your face- cinnamon help to promote the circulation of blood in the body, thereby feeding the skin with nutrient.  Mix a tablespoon of cinnamon powder with one tablespoon of honey, apply the paste on your face for fifteen minutes and wash off with water.
6.    Anti aging – cinnamon promote blood circulation bringing blood to the surface of the skin, help in cell regeneration and also removes the debris in the skin pores allowing the skin to be healthy. The anti oxidant properties also help in fightingoff of radical. The best way to get more from cinnamon is to add it into our diet routine. It can be used as a spicefor food or as a soothing tea.

Do not use dry cinnamon powder on your skin alone. It can burn the skin. Precaution must be taken when using cinnamon essential oil.

These are the benefits of ground cinnamon to that you can try by yourself. Cinnamon is widely available in every part of the world. You can buy the cinnamon essential oil from your local store or dermatologist.

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