Obesity, The Silent Killer

Obesity is the presence of excess adipose tissue in the body. The accumulation of fat in the body can lead to serious health challenges. The fat cell is composed of the endocrine cell and adipose tissue.  Adipose tissue secretes lipids, cytokines. The excess secretion of adipose tissue leads to an increase in the body mass index, … Read more

Health Benefits of Olive Oil

Olive oil is rich in Monosaturated fatty acid; in fact, it is one of the three main components of the Mediterranean diet, the other two are grapes and wheat. It is commonly grown in Spain, Italy, and Greece; the people from this region have considerably lower risks of stroke, heart disease, and high pressure when … Read more

Uses of Coconut OIl

Coconut to other people might be an ordinary plant with limited or no uses at all, but to few people who have the knowledge and uses of coconut, they called it the wonder plant. Every part of the plant is useful and is a gift of nature. Coconut oil has a widerange of uses from … Read more

Benefits of Olive Oil

Earlier I wrote about the amazing uses of coconut oil for your body, but in this article, I will be writing about the benefits of olive oil. Olive oil is made up of liquid fat obtained from olive; the oil is made by pressing the whole olive to extract the oil using a crusher or … Read more

Natural Essential Oil

Have you ever wondered whether the expensive essential oil you bought is natural or filled with toxic chemical that is harmful to your body and health? And you are thinking of producing your natural essential oil at home. An essential oil or oil from the plant is a hydrophobic liquid containing aromatic compounds extracted from … Read more

Make skin younger fast

The need to look younger is the dream of many people. Many people all over the world spend lots of money for the treatment without any change. But what most people don’t know is that there are simple home remedies to solve this problem that iseasy to get and do not have a significantside effect. … Read more

Weight Loss Facts

1)   Obesity is associated with various health diseases and medical conditions like diabetes, cancer, gout or osteoarthritis. 2)   Sex can be used to lose weight, on average sex burns 250 calories per hour.  3)   The American Heart Association recommended that women should get 100 calories a day from added sugar and men no higher than … Read more

Honey and Weight Loss.

Honey is a sweet viscousliquid produced from bees. Bees convert nectar into honey by regurgitation, enzymatic action and evaporation and store in honeycombs. Honey gets its sweetness from fructose and glucose and has a relative sweetness as sugar but it is not harmful to the human body. Honey has been in usesince 4,000 BC in … Read more

Benefits of Ground Cinnamon

Cinnamon is a spice obtained from the bark of a tree named Cinnamonum. It is majorly used as spice and flavour and it is also used as beverages in Bangladesh, India,and Pakistan. It is native to Sri Lanka, a country in the South Asia continent.According to the FAOSTAT of the United Nation, the global production … Read more

Health Benefits of Cinnamon

Cinnamon has been useas a spice in India since 2000 BCE but confusewith cassia. The spice is so expensive that it is considered a gift fit for monarch and gods.  Cinnamon is a spice obtained from the bark of tree Cinnamomum due to its medicinal properties and as a source for food, its popularity spread … Read more